Installing Package Bees In A Rooftop Hive Named Willow

Installing Package Bees into Willow Hive

On Saturday after picking up our three bee packages, Brian and I set out to install them.  First we got the roof ready for the new hives.  The roof is black and can get very hot in the summertime, sometimes reaching temperatures of 30 degrees or more above the outside temps.  Since we don’t want to cook the bees up there, the first thing we did was place a white PVC sheet down underneath the new hives.  This actually reduces the heat significantly and makes the temperature the same as the outside.  It’s amazing what a little color or lack of it can do!

The bee package.

We also setup the hive stands and empty hives in preparation for the bees.  Willow hive was installed first.  This hive will be managed by me and was named after the willow tree and it’s importance as a food source for bees.  Willow has its own page on the site so you can follow along with the hive’s progress.  You can also get there by mousing over The Apiary link above and clicking on Willow Hive.  My goal is to have this be a foundationless hive.  I started the girls on a mix of wired wax foundation and wired frames with wax starter strips.   The highlight of this install was seeing the bees clustered all over the queen cage.  Bees are so amazing!

The bees clustered around the queen cage.

Here is a picture of me shaking the bees into the hive.  You can also see some of the frames with starter strips next to the hive.

Shaking the bees into the hive.

In this picture most of the bees are inside the hive and it’s time to close it up.

Most of the bees are in the hive now.

To see more detailed pictures and descriptions of the package installation view the gallery below.  Just click on a picture then scroll through the slideshow by clicking on the arrows.  If you click on the picture the gallery will close.  If you are viewing this in an email or reader you may have to read this post on the website for the gallery and descriptions to display properly. Enjoy!


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