Free Online Resources

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Here are some important free online resources from around the web that will help beekeepers of all levels improve their craft and expand their knowledge. I am updating this list all the time so check back often for more great bee links!

Colony Collapse Disorder

Why Bees Are Disappearing – Ted Talk by Bee Researcher Marla Spivak

Colony Collapse Have We Seen This Before? – A paper by Robin Underwood and Dennis vanEngelsdorp documenting bee declines throughout history.

Diseases and Pests of Honey Bees

Varroa Mites

Life Cycle Of The Honey Bee And Varroa Mite

Ghosts in the Hive – Varroa’s life cycle inside a Honey Bee Colony by Ricarda Kather

American Foulbrood

Identifying American Foulbrood

European Foulbrood


Wax Moth

Lesser Wax Moth Larvae Can Survive Freezing

Bee Testing Labs

  • Beltsville Bee Lab In Maryland  –  Free testing for bee diseases and pests such as Mites, AFB, EFB, Nosema. Does not test for viruses or pesticides.
  • Columbia Food Lab – Tests for some pesticides.
  • Bee Informed Partnership – Tests bees for viruses and pollen samples for 170 pesticides. They also have a great website with lots of bee health information.

Pesticides and Bees

 Bee Forage

Great Bee Associations/Organizations

Feeding Bees

Honey Bee Biology

Honey Bee Genetics –  Dr. Deb Delaney, discusses her genetic testing research on feral and managed colonies.

Inside A Hive Before Just Before It Swarms – A short video showing the behavior of bees inside a hive prior to swarming.

Hive Management

How To Mark a Queen with Mike Palmer

Dean Stiglitz author of the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping talks about Treatment Free Beekeeping.

The Sustainable Apiary – A talk by Bee Expert Mike Palmer

Beekeeper Mike Palmer talks about Keeping Bees in Frozen North America

Wintering Bees Indoors – Publications on indoor wintering of bee colonies.

How To Install Packages In A Top Bar Hive – Wyatt Mangum’s videos explaining how to install package bees into a top bar hive.


Helpful Bee Links

Know a great free online bee resource you’d like to see here?  Send me an email at and I’ll take a look at it.