Installing Package Bees In Dandelion Hive

Installing Package Bees in Dandelion Hive

After installing packages in two rooftop hives, Willow and Squill, Brian and I installed the third package at an outyard location in a backyard nearby.  Brian built a hive stand out of cedar for the bees.  Isn’t it beautiful!

Cedar Hive Stand

I named this hive Dandelion after the flowers importance as a spring food source for bees.  Dandelion pollen is orange, it’s very nutritious for bees and one of the most important pollens for brood rearing.    Like the other hives, I’ve made a page on the website so you can track this hive’s progress.  You can also get there by mousing over The Apiary link above and clicking on Dandelion Hive.  Dandelion was installed in a Langstroth 10 Frame hive using plastic pierco foundation. 

For this install I placed the queen on the top bars and used a rim board to give the bees room to take care of her.

The Dandelion queen on the top bars.  Her bees are still in the box.

Now it’s time to shake the bees into the hive.

Shaking the bees into the hive.

I used the candy board I made over the winter as a rim board for the hive (after I cleaned it of course). 

Using the candy board as a rim board.

The bees are now happy to be in a new home and out of that box.

Dandelion after the install.

To see more detailed pictures and descriptions of the package installation view the gallery below.  Just click on a picture then scroll through the slideshow by clicking on the arrows.  If you click on the picture the gallery will close.  If you are viewing this in an email or reader you may have to read this post on the website for the gallery and descriptions to display properly. Enjoy!


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