About Us and Our Bee Products

Local Bee Products Direct From The Beekeeper and the Bees That Made It! 

Award Winning Local Raw Honey, 100% Pure Beeswax Candles, Our Own Beeswax Skin Care 

  • Our local Massachusetts honey and honey comb won Two 2019 Good Food Awards. These national awards are for taste and sustainable beekeeping methods. Our honey and honey comb was chosen by a blind tasting with 262 judges and over 2000 entries across 16 categories.
  • Our Own Handcrafted 100% Pure Beeswax Candles – Handmade by us with local beeswax
  • Our Own Organic Beeswax Lip Balms, Lotions & Salves – Handmade by us in Small Batches 

Beverly Bees makes award winning micro batch honey, handmade 100% pure beeswax candles and organic beeswax skin care from our organic and sustainably managed hives located in backyards across Massachusetts. Honey from each hive is spun and bottled separately allowing you to taste the unique flavors of that region. Our micro batch process allows each bottle of honey to be traced back to the individual hive that made it.

Unlike other honey which is blended from many hives, each and every bottle of our honey is labelled with the town where the hive was located and a batch number indicating the exact hive it came from. This allows our honey to maintain the unique flavor profile of the area from which it was harvested. Every hive’s honey tastes different.

Anita Deeley, owner of Beverly Bees, inspecting a frame of honey from her bees.

We save and rescue feral bees, preventing them from being exterminated!  We work hard every day to save bees. We work with pest control companies to rescue unwanted nuisance bees from buildings and trees, saving them from extermination. We rehabilitate, care for and maintain these hives in pesticide free locations across Massachusetts where they pollinate our landscape, protecting our environment and local food supply. To date we have saved over 14,000,000 bees!
Our 100% pure beeswax candles burn slower, drip less, and burn brighter than other types of candles. They are  the healthiest candle you can burn. Beeswax emits negative ions while burning which bind to toxins in the air, purifying the air as your candle burns. Not only do they last longer, beeswax candles hold their shape and smell like honey when they burn. The sweet aroma is put there by the bees that made the wax.We do not add any scents to our candles. When beeswax burns it emits the same light spectrum as the sun and is a pleasant flame to look at while burning. Beeswax is a sustainable resource and our local beeswax comes from left over wax the bees no longer need or use. We make each and every one of our candles by hand at our bee farm in Beverly.

Our beeswax skin care is made by us from our own local treatment free beeswax and 100% organic ingredients. We make it all in small batches at our bee farm in Beverly. We make over 15 types of lip balm, salves infused with herbs and hand and body lotions.

Anita Deeley, owner of Beverly Bees, holding up a frame of bees.

Brian Deeley, our bee removal expert, rescued and relocated this 10.5 lb bee swarm from a backyard in Danvers, Massachusetts. The weight of the bees bent the branch to the ground.

Anita Deeley, Owner and Beekeeper, Beverly Bees