Raw Honey From Beverly Bees!!

Our Own Pure Raw Honey – Treatment Free!

by Anita Deeley at BeverlyBees.com


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All of our honey is Pure, Raw, Unheated, Unfiltered – just the way nature intended. Since it is unfiltered, it retains all the pollen, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes. Since it is never heated, all its natural enzymes remain intact. Heating honey over a certain amount will kill its healthy enzymes.
Honey for Sale from Beverly Bees

Never Heated ~Unfiltered ~ 100% Pure Raw Honey

From Bees in Beverly, MA

Our raw honey is treatment free which is hard to find locally. Treatment free means that treatments are not used inside the hive. No pesticides, chemicals, essential oils or antibiotics are used inside the hive at any time.

Honey in a 8 oz Muth Jar

Our honey is truly local and only available in limited amounts. The hives remain stationary and the bees forage only on the flowers within 5 miles of their hive. Once cured, this honey is harvested in micro batches and hand extracted to retain the flavors of the flowers in the area and the season in which it is harvested. If the honey was gathered from flowers in Beverly, it will be harvested and labeled as such. If it is flowers from Salem, it will be harvested separately from Beverly and labeled this way. Since good honey is like fine wine, micro batch honey allows you to taste the different flavors of honey from different floral sources. If you are looking for local honey this helps you find the batch that is closest to you.

Honey in a 8 oz Queenline Jar

We let the bees eat their honey first. This means honey is sold only after the bees have enough to eat for themselves. What we sell is truly excess honey. We do not remove honey to feed bees sugar instead. Occasionally, we will feed struggling hives sugar if they are starving, can’t forage enough for themselves, and we do not have any honey to feed them.

Honey in a 12 oz hex jar

Our raw chunk honey is made with wax 100% made by bees without giving them any wax foundation to start out. This is the cleanest beeswax you can get.

Chunk Honey in a 12 oz hex jar


You can buy our honey online here or at one of our markets or events listed here or you can email Anita at beverlybees@gmail.com for local pickup by appointment from 10am-5pm on Fridays at our bee farm in Beverly Farms, MA.

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