Willow Hive

Foundationless Frames And Wacky Comb Building

Foundationless Frames And Wacky Comb Building My foundationless hive Willow, has been doing a great job building out foundationless frames and is progressing along nicely since I installed it from a package on April 14th, 2012.  A few weeks before this inspection on May 25th, 2012, I placed a second […]

It’s Queen Cage Removal Time!

Removing two queen cages but leaving one. Three to seven days after we installed our bee packages, it was time for Brian and I to peek at the queen cages to see if the queens had been released yet.   First, we checked Brian’s hive Squill.  Brian slowly lifted the covers […]

Picking Up The Package Bees

I’ll Have Three Boxes Of Bees Please! On Saturday morning Brian and I picked up three new packages of bees from a local bee supplier.  Every year he drives down in a truck to Georgia and watches as the bee packages are made, then loads them up one by one […]