How To’s

Marking Queens With Mike Palmer

Marking Queens With Mike Palmer Vermont beekeeping guru Michael Palmer demonstrates how to catch, handle and mark queens in the field without harming them.  He simply uses model paint and a piece of grass as his tools. After queen marking is complete, he explains how to safely cage a queen […]

Mass Bee Field Day 2012

Mass Bee Field Day 2012 Every June the Mass Bee Association has a field day at the UMass Agronomy field.  It is a gathering of local beekeeping experts who share their knowledge for free. There is so much to learn, a smoker contest and raffles, plus it’s always fun meeting […]

New Swarm Trap And Swarm Trapping

New Swarm Trap and Swarm Trapping The LetMBee Way A month or so ago, Jason from LetMBee mailed me one of his swarm traps to try out.  It all started when Jason went on a beekeeping rant on his blog which covered many of his grievances on current beekeeping practices.  […]