Beverly Bees Wins Prestigious 2020 Good Food Awards


Beverly Bees Award Winning Beverly Farms Wildflower Honey.

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Beverly Bees Wins Prestigious 2020 Good Food Awards

[January 21, 2020] [San Francisco, CA] – Beverly Bees beekeeping company from Beverly, Massachusetts won a 2020 Good Food Award for their Beverly Farms Wildflower Honey. Beverly Bees was the only Honey Winner from Massachusetts.

This top honor award celebrates companies creating tasty, authentic food that betters the American food culture. Each of the 2020 winners demonstrated both a mastery of their craft and a commitment to maintaining exceptionally high social and environmental standards in their work.

Anita Deeley, Founder and CEO of Beverly Bees showing her Good Food Award on Instagram.

The award was presented to Anita Deeley, CEO of Beverly Bees, at a star studded ceremony in the historic San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center.  

“I was honored to represent Massachusetts among the top honey companies in the country.” She said. “We are all working hard to produce high quality authentic honey in a way that is sustainable, environmentally responsible and helps protect our bees.”

This is Beverly Bees’ third Good Food Award. Both their Massachusetts Wildflower Honey Comb and their Massachusetts Wildflower Honey won in 2019. Beverly Bees’ award-winning honey was featured in a 10thAnniversary Honey Cake, made by Rubicon Bakers at the Good Food Awards after party. 

Beverly Bees uses organic and sustainable beekeeping practices to manage their bees and no harsh chemical pesticides, essential oils or antibiotics are used inside their hives.

Beverly Bees 2019 Good Food Award Winning Honey and Honey Comb at the Good Food Mercantile in Brooklyn, NY.

“Our honey is pure, raw, unheated and unfiltered – just the way nature intended.” Said Beverly Bees Founder and CEO Anita Deeley. “This allows our honey to retain all the pollen, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes while providing our customers with the freshest high quality honey available from our bees.” Beverly Bees’sunique micro batch process allows you to taste a variety of flavors of honey from different locations and floral sources.Their hives remain stationary where they pollinate the local landscape in Massachusetts and each colony’s honey is harvested separately.

Now in its 10th year, the Good Food Awards celebrate tasty, authentic and responsible foods. The 17 categories include: beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, cider, coffee, confections, elixirs, fish, grains, honey, oils, pantry, pickles, preserves, snacks and spirits.

Winners were chosen in a blind tasting of 1,835 entries from 38 states. The highest scoring entries underwent a rigorous vetting process to verify they were not only exceptionally tasty, but met the sustainability and social responsibility criteria required to become a Good Food Award winner.

Anita Deeley of Beverly Bees
Anita Deeley CEO of Beverly Bees.

Honey bees are vitally important to society. One in three bites of food we eat depends on honey bees for pollination. Yet year over year honey bees keep dying off at alarming rates. Pesticides, lack of forage and pests are endangering the nations honey bees and putting our food supply at risk.
“We are a small but very busy company that works hard every day to save Honey Bees wherever we are able.”says Anita Deeley, CEO of Beverly Bees.“Beverly Bees mission is to help people help bees.“

Beverly Bees is a sustainable beekeeping and bee removal company that rescues unwanted nuisance bees from buildings and trees, saving them from extermination. To date they have saved over 14,000,000 bees! They rehabilitate, care for and maintain these hives in pesticide free locations across Massachusetts where they pollinate our landscape, protect our environment and local food supply.

Some of Beverly Bees’ honey bee colonies.

Beverly Bees works actively to increase the local honey bee population through their Host a Hive program where they place beehives on properties and manage them for their customers. Beverly Bees services are available locally in Massachusetts, direct to businesses at their location and consumers at their home. They partner with businesses who want to help the environment and companies who want to help bees.

They sell their award winning local raw honey, handmade beeswax candles, beeswax skin creams and lip balms at their bee farm in Beverly, Massachusetts, at farmers markets and select stores including Whole Foods Market in Beverly, MA. You can also buy their products online at

Beverly Bees 100% pure beeswax candles for sale at Whole Foods Market in Beverly, MA.

“Every single aspect of our business mindfully saves bees, helps people and protects the environment.” Said Anita Deeley, CEO of Beverly Bees. “We sell high quality healthy products harvested in a sustainable way that protects bees and the environment. We are dedicated to making the world a better place to “bee” for both humans and honey bees.”

For more information about Beverly Bees or to purchase their honey, beeswax candles, natural skin care, host a hive or bee removal services visit or contact them at (978) 778 8276 or via email at Follow them on Instagram at For more information about the Good Food Awards visit