Bee Removal Service

Bee Removal Service

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Have bees in your house?  Don’t exterminate them. Call us! We Save Bees & Remove Wasps Pesticide Free! We provide a live bee removal service for bees in Eastern, MA.  Please call us at 978-778-8276.

WE SAVE BEES! We offer live bee removal services for both honey bees and wasps. We do live removals without pesticides or chemicals for bees, wasps and hornets. We are insured and repair the structure. Call us for more information. We remove bees and wasps from trees, structures and yards. 

If you have honeybees in your house or a building, please call Beverly Bees 978-778-8276 to discuss your options.  Honey bees in a house can cause a great deal of problems, because of the amount of honey that they store.  One honey bee hive has an average of 80,000 bees inside it and can store hundreds of pounds of honey in your walls. The wax, honey and bees need to be removed by a professional. We have done hundreds of bee removals in Massachusetts and are insured and experienced. We save the bees, removing them live, remove the comb and honey and seal up and repair the space so that bees can no longer get inside your house or structure. We do chimneys, walls, buildings, apartments, trees, wherever you have a problem with bees. We guarantee you will not have honey bees rebuilding a colony in that same exact location for one year after our removal service is complete.

The starting price for Honey Bee Removals is $2000. Bumble Bees start at $500. Grey Nest Removals start at $300.

You can see pictures of a honeybee, bees and wasps by clicking on this link here.

When you call, please tell us:
-Your name and phone number.
-Your city and address where the bees are located.
-Give a brief description of where the bees are located. How high off the ground is the entrance? How long have they been there?

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