Milkweed Hive


This hive is named after the Milkweed plant which is a good source of nectar for honeybees in the summer when the plant blooms.  Milkweed nectar can be so abundant that you can see it fall out of the blossom when you shake the flower.  All types of milkweed are great for honeybees but Asclepias syriaca has the highest honey yield.

Honeybee foraging on Milkweed. Photo by Mary Lou Chase.

Milkweed hive derived from a swarm captured off the “power lines” in Salem at the end of May.  They were rehived into a rooftop hive with wired wax foundation.  The second box was added 6-23-12.  This hive has a very calm disposition and has been gentle so far.  I have yet to spot their queen.

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