Top Bar Hive Inspection With Sam Comfort

Top Bar Hive Inspection With Sam Comfort

Sam Comfort brought a few of his top bar hives and modified Warre or box style hives to the 2012 Northeast Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference in Leominster, MA.  Below is a picture of some of Sam’s hives in the field. Lucky me! At the end of the conference one of the top bars ended up coming home to my apiary.  So excited to have Sam’s treatment free bees and a new top bar to play with!

Hives that Sam Comfort brought to the conference.

The small hives are top bar nucs that Sam makes to sell.  Here is another photo of one.

Sam Comfort’s top bar nuc hive.

This is one of his full size top bar hives.  It is sitting on Sam’s empty modified Warre nuc boxes which I will be writing about soon.

Here is one of his top bar hives.

During the conference Sam performed several hive inspections of his hives.  He also made a package of bees from a top bar hive, moved a top bar nuc into a full size hive (see pictures below), installed a package of bees into a top bar hive, harvested honey from a top bar hive, shook bees from a top bar into a Warre hive (video coming soon for this) and more. 

In the video below, Sam Comfort is going through one of his top bar hives and talking with attendees at the conference about how to spot the queen, what he uses for comb guides, how to move the bars and answering general questions.  At the end of this video Sam makes a package of bees from his top bar hive.
Here is another video of Sam Comfort doing an inspection of his top bar nuc.  He finds out it is getting crowded and decides to steal its field force and give it to one of his modified Warre nuc hives.  My favorite part of this video is the smoker that is used – very original!

Pictures speak louder than words, so I have included a number of pictures and descriptions in the gallery below.  There are pictures of top bar nucs and hives, Warre nucs, Sam harvesting honey from his top bar hive, transferring a top bar nuc to a full size hive and more. Click on a picture to open the gallery and click on the arrows to scroll through the photos.  If you click on the picture the gallery will close. If you are reading this in an email or a reader and the gallery does not display properly, please click on the post to view the gallery on the website. Enjoy!!



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