Making A Package Of Bees From A Top Bar Hive With Sam Comfort

Making A Package Of Bees From A Top Bar Hive With Sam Comfort

At the Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference last month, Sam Comfort demonstrated how to make a package of bees from a top bar hive.  For his funnel he used 4 pieces of cardboard taped together and attached it to a yogurt container with the bottom removed so it could fit inside the package box.  After the package was complete he removed the funnel and stapled a piece of cardboard to the top of the box to close it off.

Sam Comfort making a package of bees from a top bar hive.

Here is a closeup picture of the package and funnel.  That piece of cardboard on top of the package will be used to cover the hole when the funnel is removed.

A package of bees being made from a top bar hive.

Want to watch the package being made?  Check out this video below.

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Author: Anita Deeley

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  1. It’s amazing to me that Sam could shake bees off a TBH bar without breaking the wax!

    • Once the wax ages and has brood cocoons in it, it is stronger than you would think. That being said, there is a finesse to holding the bars and shaking the bees off them. The bars need to held a certain way that differs from Lang frames, especially if the comb is heavy and full of honey!

  2. I need to investigate and find out if there is anything similar around here. Looks like this was a great week of events!

  3. I am trying to find a source for small cell package bees within driving distance of Maine. Am willing to drive 3 or 4 hours one way to pick up. Anyone know where I can purchase these little beauties?