The Bees Are Enjoying Their New Candy Board

It’s almost one month later and the bees are still well fed.

It’s January, but the temperature is above 50 degrees F today, a perfect opportunity to check on my bees and the state of the candy board. The bees are out and about enjoying the warm weather.

Lifting the cover and looking inside, I discover clusters of bees all over the candy.  So far, so good.  I really like this feeding system.  There is plenty of food for the bees and they are loving every inch of it!

A quick peek down the hole reveals nothing but bees, bees and more bees.  I didn’t bother to open it up anymore because they are doing great and that’s all I need to know.

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Author: Anita Deeley

Anita Deeley is a biologist and former state bee inspector who maintains 100 honey bee hives. She is the beekeeper, writer, owner and creator of When she is not spending time with her girls (the bees), she enjoys being a wife to her beekeeping cohort, Brian and mother to 3 little boys (the beekeepers in training). Read more about Anita here >> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Anita on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Facebook here.