Bee Winter Survival Rate and Exciting News!

It’s Been A Hard Winter For Bees In MA 2013-2014 has been hard winter for bees everywhere and Massachusetts is no exception.  I know beekeepers throughout the area who have lost bees, and many have lost all their bees – unfortunately they are not alone.  At the Mass Bee meeting […]

Hives covered in snow from the blizzard Nemo.

Blizzard Nemo Blankets My Bees In Snow

Blizzard Nemo Blankets My Bees In Snow The weather forecasters predicted epic snowfall and historic blizzard conditions here in Beverly this weekend. As people around me stocked up on essentials like milk, bread and cases of beer (what you need for every snowstorm apparently), the state of Massachusetts declared a […]

It’s Queen Cage Removal Time!

Removing two queen cages but leaving one. Three to seven days after we installed our bee packages, it was time for Brian and I to peek at the queen cages to see if the queens had been released yet.   First, we checked Brian’s hive Squill.  Brian slowly lifted the covers […]

Installing Package Bees In Dandelion Hive

Installing Package Bees in Dandelion Hive After installing packages in two rooftop hives, Willow and Squill, Brian and I installed the third package at an outyard location in a backyard nearby.  Brian built a hive stand out of cedar for the bees.  Isn’t it beautiful! I named this hive Dandelion […]