I Once Saw a Bee Walking Around Without Her Body

All she had was a head, small midsection with wings and four legs.

Her striped rear section was completely missing. I watched for at least 10 minutes as she just crawled along the ground going about her business in a determined sort of way.  She kept on going even after I stopped watching.   Obviously there was no hope for such a sorry creature but it still fascinated me in a morose sort of way. What kept that bee moving the way she did and what the heck happened to her?  Did she know her rear end was missing?  It makes you wonder doesn’t it? 

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Author: Anita Deeley

Anita Deeley is a biologist and former state bee inspector who maintains 100 honey bee hives. She is the beekeeper, writer, owner and creator of BeverlyBees.com. When she is not spending time with her girls (the bees), she enjoys being a wife to her beekeeping cohort, Brian and mother to 3 little boys (the beekeepers in training). Read more about Anita here >> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Anita on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Facebook here.

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