Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane

Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane And weathering the storm just fine. The girls were out flying in the storm, surfing the wind and dodging the rain.  The oncoming hurricane didn’t seem to bother them at all. That’s no sprinkle they are flying through, it’s raining hard, yet these […]

I Love My Bees And It’s A Good Thing

Because they would starve without me. For more than three weeks now the cup plant flowers have been in bloom.  There are hundreds of them in the wetlands behind my house.  Since these flowers are 40 feet or so from the hive, I thought they would be a great source […]

Duct Tape A Beekeeper’s Best Friend

And one who will save you in a pinch. During beekeeping class the instructors went over several important items to keep in your bee tool kit.  They mentioned things like a bee brush, or a feather, to move the bees out of the way when needed; a hive tool, an […]

Bees Are Not Claustrophobic

In some ways they are even Claustrophilics. And when that space is the coveted 5/16 of an inch they are in heaven. Honeybees are very particular about spacing inside their hive. If you give a bee a space larger than 3/8 of an inch they will fill it up with […]