Honey Bee Swarm on a Boat

Honey Bee Swarm on a Boat

honey bee swarm on a boat
Honey bees we rescued from a boat in Gloucester.

It’s honey bee swarm season here in Massachusetts! Every year Beverly Bees rescues wayward bee swarms and relocates them to one of our honey bee yards where they can be cared for by a beekeeper. If you are in eastern, MA and have a honey bee swarm please call us at 978-778-8276.

It has been a great year for swarming and we have had a number of swarm calls this year, but this one has been the most interesting by far. These girls decided to leave the safe refuge of their hive and take up temporary residence on a boat in a marina.  I think they were hoping to hitch a ride to some nice island somewhere and get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland, Massachusetts.

Thankfully we were called in to save them and my husband, Brian was the lucky one who got to capture these bees!  He brought a nuc box with a frame of honey and used it to entice the honey bees to stop their boating ways and get back to being bees!


A deafening roar of delight emanated from the bees when Brian pulled out the frame of honey and placed it in the middle of the swarm. These lost girls were glad to see something familiar.  He then placed the frame inside the nuc and placed the nuc on the boat and watched as the bees marched right in!


Brian recorded a video on his cell phone so you can see too. These were very happy bees indeed thanks to the people who called us to save them!

If you find a honey bee swarm please call a beekeeper to save and relocate them. If you are in eastern, MA please call us at 978-778-8276. Visit our Bee Removal Page here to learn more.

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