Riley’s First Bee Swarm Capture

Riley’s First Bee Swarm Capture


Local bees have started to swarm and we received our first honey bee swarm call of the season a few days ago. It was a nicely formed cluster of bees, low to the ground and a perfect opportunity to teach my seven-year old how to catch his very first bee swarm. Riley was so excited to help and made it look so easy. Luckily, the homeowner caught the whole thing on video – enjoy!

If you see a honey bee swarm, please call a beekeeper to remove them. If you are in Eastern, MA, please call us and maybe even Riley will show up to help!

Have a honey bee swarm?  We offer a free honey bee removal service for honey bee swarms in Essex County, Middlesex County and the Boston, MA area.  Please call us at 978-778-8276.

Read more about our bee removal services here.