No Cook Candy Board for Bees Now Available In Our Store!

No Cook Candy Board for Bees Now Available In Our Store!

Do you want to use a candy board to feed your bees this winter but don’t have time to make one?  Try our reusable, refillable candy board, no cooking required.  Simply buy the board, add a sugar/water mixture and a pollen patty, if desired. Recipe and instructions included.  We have them for sale in our store for $40 for a 10 frame langstroth hive and $30 for a 5 frame nucTo celebrate the opening of our online store, each candy board for bees comes with free shipping to the USA, for a limited time only.  Support our blog and buy a candy board for bees today!

No cook candyboard for bees

One Candy Board Frame for a 10 Frame Langstroth Hive. No cooking required!! Simply add sugar, water and a pollen patty. Candy Recipe and Instructions Included. Board fits on top of hive body and underneath the inner cover. It has its own 1/2″ entrance for the bees to come and go as they please. No need to worry about making fondant or hard candy. Just fill this board up, place it on your hive and your bees will be all set for extra food for the winter. Have sugar left over in the spring? Simply mix it with water to make syrup to feed your bees. Sugar and pollen patty not included. Candy board can be reused every year. Measures 20″ x 16 5/8″ x 1 5/8″ Unpainted. View how to fill the candy board here.

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