Open Air Bee Hive Removal in MA

Open Air Bee Hive Removal in MA

It’s honey bee removal season here in Massachusetts! If you have bees and are within an hour of Beverly, MA please call us at 978-778-8276.

It’s been a pretty intense swarm season this year in MA. Believe it or not bees are still swarming here. The cold start to spring and the sudden burst of summer caused an intense honey flow in many areas and the bees got crowded fast! A few weeks ago we got a call to remove a swarm from the side of a house. Upon further inspection it became apparent that this was no honey bee swarm but in fact a thriving honey bee colony that decided to build its nest out in the open. This open air bee hive is a rare sight and even rarer here in Massachusetts.openairbeehiveUsually honey bees prefer a dark cavity to build their comb inside but these girls chose a bright sunny spot right out in the open. If you get bees inside your house walls this is what the hive looks like inside the walls and it can get much bigger.  Bees can build comb really fast and these girls are evidence of that being here for only a few weeks. Luckily for the bees the homeowner called us to remove and relocate them. This type of hive would not survive our harsh winters here.

These bees had already started raising baby bees seen in the comb below.  Brian was the lucky one who got to remove this hive. He used a specially built bee vacuum which removes the bees without harming them. Then he took down the comb, placed it into a hive to be reunited with the bees and relocated to a place where it can be cared for by a beekeeper.openairbroodcombOnce the combs were removed it was easier to see what the bees had anchored them too. Quite artistic bees indeed!combremovedAfter this picture was taken, Brian cleaned off the wax remnants and rescued the remaining bees. Unless you had seen these pictures you would never know bees had ever lived here.

Beverly Bees rescues and removes honey bees and bumble bees from trees, houses, structures and just about anywhere they are unwanted. We remove and relocate bees to a safe location where they can be cared for by a beekeeper. If you have unwanted bees and are within an hour of Beverly, Ma please call us at 978-778-8276. Visit our Bee Removal Page here to learn more.

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