Beverly Bees Honey Comb and Honey Win Good Food Awards

Beverly Bees Honey Comb and Honey win the 2019 Good Food Awards! Beverly Bees Raw Massachusetts Wildflower Honey & Massachusetts Wildflower Honey Comb were both selected as winners of the 2019 Good Food Awards.  The award is based on taste and sustainable beekeeping practices.  There were over 2035 entries in this […]

Anita Deeley of Beverly Bees

Anita Deeley on Get Your Garden Growing

Take a video tour of our hives with Anita Deeley! Watch Anita Deeley of Beverly Bees demonstrate the inner workings of a honey bee hive to Sandra Lawson of Get Your Garden Growing. This video was recorded by BevCam in July 2016. Anita explains how to keep bees healthy, the problems […]

Open Air Bee Hive Removal in MA

Open Air Bee Hive Removal in MA It’s honey bee removal season here in Massachusetts! If you have bees and are within an hour of Beverly, MA please call us at 978-778-8276. It’s been a pretty intense swarm season this year in MA. Believe it or not bees are still […]

Honey Bee Swarm on a Boat

Honey Bee Swarm on a Boat It’s honey bee swarm season here in Massachusetts! Every year Beverly Bees rescues wayward bee swarms and relocates them to one of our honey bee yards where they can be cared for by a beekeeper. If you are in eastern, MA and have a […]

Riley’s First Bee Swarm Capture

Riley’s First Bee Swarm Capture Local bees have started to swarm and we received our first honey bee swarm call of the season a few days ago. It was a nicely formed cluster of bees, low to the ground and a perfect opportunity to teach my seven-year old how to […]