Bee Bearding – Got Beard? Nucs Sharing A Bee Beard

Bee Bearding – Got Beard? Nucs Sharing A Bee Beard

I have been very busy lately in the beeyard and have so much to share with you about bees.  I still have plenty left to write about the treatment free conference. Plus last week I attended EAS so I have even more to share. Until then I thought I’d show you the site I woke up to this morning.  Two nucs, both from Squill, who are bee bearding and sharing the beard.  One has the original queen and one has queen cells.  The workers don’t seem to care.  I’ll tell you all about the nuc building  as soon as I get a chance to get out of the beeyard and back to the computer.

Author: Anita Deeley

Anita Deeley is a biologist and former state bee inspector who maintains 100 honey bee hives. She is the beekeeper, writer, owner and creator of When she is not spending time with her girls (the bees), she enjoys being a wife to her beekeeping cohort, Brian and mother to 3 little boys (the beekeepers in training). Read more about Anita here >> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Anita on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Facebook here.


  1. How interesting! Are they both bearding or is it one hive bearding across the two nucs? Not much happening here in our beeyard; I am thinking to the future already about over-wintering. I wonder if it is too soon. 🙂

    • It is both hives bearding together. They were recently split prioir to this photo so I’m sure they were all confused in this picture. I am thinking about overwintering too and wondering if the fall flow is going to peter out here. It has not been very strong yet. I have been so busy in the beeyard (and with other things traveling, kids, chickens, canning). I have so much to update here. I need to find some blog time soon.