Borage Hive

Borage derived from a low hanging swarm.

Borage Hive

Borage hive is named after the herb Borage, nicknamed “Bee’s Bread” because honeybees just love it!  Borage is an herb with blue star shaped flowers that blooms in the late spring and summer offering both it’s pollen and nectar to honeybees for months on end.  Borage has a blueish-grey pollen.   It has many medicinal uses and is believed to help respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders.  When planted near tomatoes, Borage deters tomato horn worms by confusing the mother moth laying the eggs.  It is a great addition to any garden!

Honeybee foraging on Borage. Photo by Mary Lou Chase.

Borage hive originated from a swarm captured in Marblehead in late May.  This swarm was then rehived into two deeps with wired wax foundation.  They built up to three deeps their first season and are ready for winter.

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