Charlotte R.

This is a good time to tell you how much the 8 guests at my holiday tea on January 9 LOVED your teapot candles!  Everyone had a comment or question— the lovely scent, the cute shape, “Too pretty to burn”, “Solid bees wax??”, “Where did you ever find them?” and more.  Some of us lighted our teapot candles right away, but some opted to preserve them intact.  I had my doubts about how well the event would work over Zoom, but it was a great success, partly due, I think, to the delight and expectation with which they received their tea party packages which I sent in advance, the highlight of which was certainly your candle.  I can’t thank you enough for helping to keep a cherished tradition alive among special friends in this very difficult time.  I forgot to mention that the candles arrived in perfect condition due to the careful packaging, so I can highly recommend mail order, too. – Charlotte R.