Crocus Hive Check 3-22-12

Hive Check 3-22-12

This is the online version of my hive inspection notes.  More descriptive posts about this hive can be found on the Crocus Hive page.

The temperature has been unseasonable warm this winter and the last few weeks have felt like summer.  It was about 70 when I opened the hive today.  The bees are doing great today bringing in yellow pollen both bright and pale, orange and blue pollen.  After reversing supers on 3-12 for the spring, the queen has started laying in the top box in frames 3 & 4.  Both are completely filled with eggs. The bottom box has capped brood in frames 4 & 5. The girls also have plenty of food with 11. 5 frames of nectar, honey and pollen.

Crowded top entrance.

Box Breakdown

Top box – Frames 1 and 2 are now filled with honey and pollen. The bees have been very busy in 10 days time. Frames 3 & 4 are filled with eggs. Frame 5 is filled on one side with nectar.  Frames 6-9 are still being cleaned of a few chilled brood from the winter and frame 10 is full of capped honey.

Bottom Box – Frames 1-3 have capped honey.  Frames 4 & 5 are full of capped brood.  Frame 6 has uncapped honey and pollen.  Frames 7-10 have honey both capped and uncapped.

My previous inspection can be found here.

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