We are Hiring! Beekeepers Wanted!

Calling All Beekeepers!

Beverly Bees, a growing beekeeping business on the North Shore of Boston, is looking for beekeeping help. We are looking for someone who is friendly, outgoing, passionate, charming, reliable and vibrant to be our Beekeeper / Beekeeping Assistant. This is a part time or full time year round position.

The Beekeeper Assistant position is responsible for taking care of honey bee colonies, extracting and bottling honey, building and maintaining beekeeping equipment, processing beeswax and assisting owners with on demand needs of the company. The Beekeeper and Assistant position will have weekly assigned tasks and tasks that are “on-demand”, as the needs of the business dictate.

Duties include the following: Work in all aspects of the Apiary as well as have office duties. Beekeeper Assistant will drive to check on and manage honey bee colonies across Massachusetts as well as transport honey or honeybees. Beekeeper Assistant will also interact with customers via phone, email, text or in-person visits, answer the phone and respond to customer inquires, participate in farmers markets, trainings and presentations as needed.

Beekeeper Assistant will help with: splitting colonies or supering as necessary, harvesting extracting, bottling and labelling honey, collection of pollen and propolis, loading and unloading van, equipment and product inventory, bee tours, field trips, farmers markets sales and presentations. Will be responsible for: all aspects of taking care of bee colonies, clean, repair and set up beehives, keep bee yards organized and clean; prepare smoker fuel, keep tools clean, organized, and ready. Prepare colonies for transport by identifying queen, eggs, and larvae in all stages of development, Inspect colonies as needed preparing an inspection report and assessment. Prepare food for bees. Assemble and construct beekeeping woodenware using hammers, carpenter’s square, and other tools. Paint beekeeping woodenware. Must have reliable vehicle, truck or SUV cable of moving hives and valid drivers license. Must be able to: count frames of brood, count honey/pollen stores, identify larval age, identify pests and disease. Must be able to lift 60 lbs.

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