Honey Bee Swarm Removal Service

Honey Bee Swarm Removal Service Swarm season has begun!  If you are located in Beverly or any of the nearby towns in Essex County, MA, you qualify for our free Bee Swarm Removal Service. We will take your unwanted bees and relocate them through our Host a Hive and Adopt […]

We Have A New Host Provider

We Have A New Host Provider! I am so grateful to you and all my regular visitors! In fact, due to the popularity of this website with readers, I had to move to a new type of web hosting provider.  So things have been quiet around here lately, but I […]

Pollen cells filled with eggs from laying worker bees.

Laying Workers In Package Bees?

Laying Workers in Package Bees? Yes, it happened. But it shouldn’t. Upon inspecting one of my newly installed packages last week to check for eggs,  I came across this lovely sight – not one, not two, but multiple eggs per cell. Some cells had only a few eggs and some […]

One cup of dead bees from Crocus

Death of a Hive: A Postmortem Analysis

Death of a Hive: A Postmortem Analysis It is with great sadness that I write this post and one of the reasons it has been a while since I have posted last. Of course this was also partly due to normal holiday busyness and the craziness of being parent at […]