My First Year

Wax Moths Ate My Plastic Foundation

That’s what I get for leaving a super filled with frames inside my basement – d’oh!  Luckily, all is not ruined because the frames were made using plastic foundation and not wax.  I’ve seen what unfettered wax moths can do to wax foundation and it is ugly!  Yet, still the […]

Ahhh Mites! Treating For Varroa Destructor

Those blood sucking, drone thirsting, parasitic, bee vampire creatures. See that reddish-purple circle on the back of my bee?  That’s a parasitic mite called Varroa destructor. It’s a nasty blood lusting, bee version of bedbugs and every hive in America is infested. These parasitic things suck the life out of […]

So Many Bees, So Little Honey

There are layers and layers of bees on every frame, but where is all the honey? Those thoughts keep popping through my head as I dump another empty 50 lb bag of sugar in the trash.  I know we’ve had our problems, but come on girls, I thought you were […]