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Hive Hosting  – Residential

Hive hosting lets you experience what it’s like to keep bees without all the work of having to open a hive. All you need to do is provide a bee safe location, free of pesticides and we’ll provide the bees and everything they need. The bees and equipment remain ours but in return you’ll reap the benefits of pollination without the training and hassle of opening a hive full of bees.  Once the colony produces more honey than the bees need, we’ll extract the extra honey and share two pounds of raw honey with you per hive.  If your hive fails to make any extra honey that year (which sometimes happens) you will receive 2 lbs of honey from one of the other hives in our program. The hive hosting deposit secures the bees for your yard and covers the cost of acquiring and placing the hive.  Hive Hosting starts at $1275 per year for residential locations. Total cost depends on location and other factors. A one year commitment is required to get bees. Right now we are only servicing Eastern Massachusetts and Southern NH. Commercial Customers please contact us at 978-778-8276 for your custom hive hosting needs.