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Bees That Saved America

Bees That Saved America During the American War Of Independence, beekeeper Charity Crabtree was tending to her bee skeps when she came across a wounded soldier.  He plead with her to take his horse and ride at once to General Washington and warn him English Lieutenant General Lord Cornwallis and […]

Shhh…Don’t Tell The Bees

It’s still January in Massachusetts. I admit it doesn’t feel that way when it’s 55 degrees outside.  The bees however are as happy as a bee can bee. Other Posts You May Enjoy: Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane Come On Irene Bees Are Not Claustrophobic Bring Out Yer […]

Bearding Bees Are Free To Bee

Why does this make me so nervous? I must bee suffering from swarm after shock. The bees are bearding again.  It’s an impressive sight.  Yet, the pit of my stomach turns every time I see it, after my package swarmed in June. I hope this will go away eventually, but […]

So The Wasp Said To The Fly…

“How do we break inside this thing?” “All that sugary goodness and no way in? It can’t be.” buzzed the fly. The wasp slyly replied, “Think I can drill through the top with my stinger?” Other Posts You May Enjoy: Come On Irene Bring Out Yer Dead – The Undertaker […]

Come On Irene

Rooftop Bees Ready for a Hurricane “At this moment, You mean everything.” I got the gals prepared for Hurricane Irene in style today.  I moved them closer to the house to protect them from the wind and then dressed them up in that pretty red tie down strap. Hopefully they […]

Fly vs. Bee

And the winner is…. Where’s the fly swatter? Get it fast! Other Posts You May Enjoy: So The Wasp Said To The Fly… Duct Tape A Beekeeper’s Best Friend Bring Out Yer Dead – The Undertaker Bees Bees, Lots of Bees, Swarming Bees, Right Behind You One Little Bee Made […]