Author: Anita Deeley

What is Treatment Free Beekeeping?

What is Treatment Free Beekeeping? You may have heard the term “Treatment Free Beekeeping” or “Treatment Free Beekeeper.” You also many have heard a beekeeper or two get riled up in great support or vehemently against this type of beekeeping. This term draws great criticism and emotion from many beekeepers. […]

Help Wanted ~ Beekeeping Assistant Needed!

Beekeeping Assistant Needed! We are looking for a Beekeeping Assistant to help organize and run the Beverly Bees beekeeping business. This is a part-time job, approximately 8 hours a week to start, adding more hours later on for the right person. Assistance is needed with the setup, take down and […]

Bee Winter Survival Rate and Exciting News!

It’s Been A Hard Winter For Bees In MA 2013-2014 has been hard winter for bees everywhere and Massachusetts is no exception.  I know beekeepers throughout the area who have lost bees, and many have lost all their bees – unfortunately they are not alone.  At the Mass Bee meeting […]