Author: Anita Deeley

Fly vs. Bee

And the winner is…. Where’s the fly swatter? Get it fast! Other Posts You May Enjoy: So The Wasp Said To The Fly… Duct Tape A Beekeeper’s Best Friend Bring Out Yer Dead – The Undertaker Bees Bees, Lots of Bees, Swarming Bees, Right Behind You One Little Bee Made […]

A Hive With Two Queens

A hive by any other name would smell as sweet. As a brand new beekeeper, I’ve had a difficult first year.  If it wasn’t for the support of my wonderful bee mentor, the bee master Stan, and my brand new bee buddies from bee school, I would not have made […]

Bring Out Yer Dead – The Undertaker Bees

“But I’m Not Dead Yet!” One of the most fascinating aspects of beekeeping is watching the numerous activities of the colony.  Every bee has a specific job, without which the hive as a whole could not exist.  There are bees that build wax; nurse bees to take care of the […]

Mass Bee Field Day – A Carnival For Beekeepers

They even have tents and prizes! Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Massachusetts Beekeeper’s Field Day in South Deerfield, MA.  This event is a free exhibition for beekeepers that takes place every year, with educational workshops, bee raffles, smoker contests, talks and demonstrations about all things bee. […]