Mass Bee Field Day 2012

Mass Bee Field Day 2012 Every June the Mass Bee Association has a field day at the UMass Agronomy field.  It is a gathering of local beekeeping experts who share their knowledge for free. There is so much to learn, a smoker contest and raffles, plus it’s always fun meeting […]

Requeening – When A Queen Stops Laying

Requeening – When A Queen Stops Laying Brian’s hive Squill has been having Queen related issues from the get-go.   After installing the bees from a package, they did not accept their queen immediately.  Then finally caved and set her free.  The queen started laying with a beautiful brood pattern.  […]

Picking Up The Package Bees

I’ll Have Three Boxes Of Bees Please! On Saturday morning Brian and I picked up three new packages of bees from a local bee supplier.  Every year he drives down in a truck to Georgia and watches as the bee packages are made, then loads them up one by one […]

Shhh…Don’t Tell The Bees

It’s still January in Massachusetts. I admit it doesn’t feel that way when it’s 55 degrees outside.  The bees however are as happy as a bee can bee. Other Posts You May Enjoy: Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane Come On Irene Bees Are Not Claustrophobic Bring Out Yer […]

Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane

Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane And weathering the storm just fine. The girls were out flying in the storm, surfing the wind and dodging the rain.  The oncoming hurricane didn’t seem to bother them at all. That’s no sprinkle they are flying through, it’s raining hard, yet these […]

The World’s Largest Honey Bees

Still some honey thieves are undeterred. Lately I’ve noticed many yellow jackets, ants, bumble bees and flies attracted to my hive.  Some meddlers are even brave enough to crawl around the outside of the boxes until the bees chase them away.  These prowlers may be looking for a way to […]