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Bee Removal Service

by Anita Deeley at BeverlyBees.com

Have a honey bee swarm?  We offer a free honey bee swarm removal service for honey bee swarms in Essex County, Middlesex County and Boston, MA.  Please call us at 978-778-8276.

Have a bee swarm? First, Don’t Panic!  Honey Bees in a swarm are not likely to sting you, if you just leave them alone.  Second, you’ve done the right thing by calling a beekeeper to help you. Honey bee colonies are dying in record numbers from pesticides, diseases and pests. Only 1 in 10 swarms will survive if left to fend on their own. By calling a beekeeper these honeybees will be safely removed and given a new home where they will have a better chance for survival.  We offer a free honey bee removal service for honey bee swarms in Beverly and Essex County, Middlesex County, Boston and the Greater Boston Area. We will capture and relocate honey bees to locations where they will be well cared for by a beekeeper. If you have honeybees in your house or a building, please call Beverly Bees 978-778-8276 to discuss your options.

WE SAVE BEES! We offer live bee removal services for both honey bees and wasps. We do live removals without pesticides or chemicals for bees, wasps and hornets. Call us for more information. We remove bees and wasps from trees, structures and yards. 

You can call us at 978-778-8276 or 978-969-1005.  If you have a question about bees or swarms you can also email Anita at beverlybees@gmail.com.

You can see pictures of a honeybee, bees and wasps by clicking on this link here.

When you call, please tell us:
-Your name and phone number.
-Your city and address where the bees are located.
-Give a brief description of the bee swarm: Are the in a bush or a tree? How high off the ground are they? How long have they been there?

Here are a few tip about honey bee swarms.

  1. Call a beekeeper to remove them safely.
  2. Honey Bees in a swarm will usually not sting you if you leave them alone.
  3. A honey bee swarm is a natural part of the bees reproductive cycle.
  4. This is not their new home, it is a resting place for honey bees.  If you do nothing, in a few days the honey bees will go away and find a new permanent home.
  5. Do not spray honey bees with pesticides or a hose.  It will only make them upset and they may sting you.
  6. If you do nothing and leave the honey bees alone, they will go away on their own after a few hours or a few days.
Honeybee swarm in a tree.

Honeybee swarm in a tree.

 To learn more about honey bee swarms click here.

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