Crocus Hive

Blue Pollen, Honeybees and Siberian Squill

My honeybees are now gathering beautiful blue pollen from Siberian Squill flowers. I first noticed this stunning steel-blue colored pollen during my hive inspection on March 22, 2012.  Honeybee after foraging honeybee was carrying full baskets of bright blue pollen and it was magnificent.  The blue pollen comes from an […]

Wax Moths Ate My Plastic Foundation

That’s what I get for leaving a super filled with frames inside my basement – d’oh!  Luckily, all is not ruined because the frames were made using plastic foundation and not wax.  I’ve seen what unfettered wax moths can do to wax foundation and it is ugly!  Yet, still the […]

Shhh…Don’t Tell The Bees

It’s still January in Massachusetts. I admit it doesn’t feel that way when it’s 55 degrees outside.  The bees however are as happy as a bee can bee. Other Posts You May Enjoy: Bees On A Roof In A Hurricane Come On Irene Bees Are Not Claustrophobic Bring Out Yer […]