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Milkweeds Queen Bee

July 12, 2012
by Anita Deeley at

My Swarm Hive, Milkweed Plus Spot The Queen

Milkweed Hive and Spot the Queen I finally got around to naming one of my swarm hives.  Actually a reader and fellow beekeeper, Mary Lou Chase, suggested the name because her bees were foraging on the blossoms at the time.  … Continue reading

The Swarm Queen in all her glory.

September 3, 2011
by Anita Deeley at

Off With Her Head, Well Actually, Her Butt

Merging the two queen hive into one.  An ode to the Swarm Queen. The fall is fast approaching and it has come time to prepare the bees for winter and disassemble my two queen hive. It is necessary to restore … Continue reading

This is my swarm which I captured and hived on June 11.  After 15 days the Queen is finally laying eggs. They look like little grains of rice against the black foundation, nestled firmly inside the center of the cells.

June 26, 2011
by Anita Deeley at
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I Have Eggs! I Have Eggs! Pop The Champagne!

I’m so excited to be getting baby bees again, I feel like I won the lottery! It has been way too long in my apiary since I have seen the smiling shape of pearly white baby bee larvae.  The past … Continue reading

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