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Beverly Bees, a tiny organization with a lofty goal – Saving Honey Bees One Colony At A Time!

Help us save honey bees! It’s honey bee swarm season in MA. Do you have a bee swarm? Call us to remove and relocate them at 978-778-8276 or 978-969-1005 or visit our bee removal page here to learn more.

Protect bees from pesticides with this No Spraying Sign for your yard!

Honey bees around the country are collapsing at an alarming rate.  Last year was one of the worst years in history for honeybee colony die offs since the USDA began keeping annual records.  Pesticides, diseases, lack of forage and pests are weakening the nations honey bees and putting the country’s food supply at risk.

Our mission at Beverly Bees is to help increase the local honey bee population through our Host A Hive program, promote awareness of the plight of the honey bee through Educational Talks to Schools and Community Groups, and to foster good stewardship and understanding of honey bees through our Adopt A Hive and Mentoring programs.  We share knowledge about sustainable, organic and treatment free beekeeping on our Beekeeping Blog, relocate wayward bee colonies with our Bee Removal Service and sell Raw Local Honey to the community.  If you are just starting out your beekeeping hobby be sure to check out our Beginner Beekeepers Guide to learn more about keeping bees.


Our Premium Artisan Honey – Pure, Raw, Unheated, Unfiltered and Free of Chemicals and Antibiotics in the hive. Click Here to find out how to buy our honey.

Wondering what it’s like to keep bees but don’t have the expertise, equipment or time?  Host a Honey Bee Hive for us instead. Hive hosting is easy and FREE!!! Find out all about it here.

Want to know how you can help bees?  Try Planting A Bee Friendly Garden in your yard.

Some popular items on the website include – Host A Honey Bee Hive, Planting A Bee Friendly Garden How To Autopsy a Dead Hive, and Painting a Bee Hive.  To find out more about Treatment Free Beekeeping click here.  Find more information on Top Bar Hives here.

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